For more than 14 years, we’ve employed our proven expertise to help the oil and gas industry operate in an increasingly complex and costly regulatory environment.

OSHA, BSEE, EPA and other federal and state agencies can impact a company’s bottom line and ability to operate by levying fines, filing lawsuits, increasing inspections and prohibiting drilling and production on government lands and offshore acreage.

SEMPCheck helps operators stay safe, stay compliant, stay profitable and stay in business.

Our focus is to prevent your assets—facilities and equipment, employees and contractors—from becoming liabilities.

Our proprietary Asset Failure Risk Management (AFRM) Solution is cost-efficient and designed to be fit-for-purpose within your organization.


Onshore Process Safety Management (PSM) and offshore Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) are two sides of the same operational risk management coin, comprising the same elements and regulatory guidelines that AFRM is designed to address.

In addition to the AFRM Solution, we provide ancillary and related services such as Infrared gas leak detection.

SEMPCheck is a valuable partner in any environment. Our team of experts offers a cost-effective outsourcing alternative, providing a wide set of skills for your money.

If you have concerns over PSM or SEMS compliance or would like to optimize your implemented systems, call us.