Infrared Technology: Effective & Efficient
Infrared technology is a powerful and efficient means of verifying the mechanical integrity of oil and natural gas upstream and midstream processing equipment and piping. Portable advanced Infrared cameras can detect temperature anomalies in rotating and electrical equipment before it catastrophically fails, sediment buildup in vessels, blockages in valves, loss of natural gas volumes due to fugitive leaks, and undetected venting.

Gas Leaks: The Invisible Thief
They waste product, threaten safety, undermine air quality guidelines. To fix them, you first have to find them.

SEMPCheck’s American-Society-for-Nondestructive-Testing-certified field technicians employ advanced Infrared cameras to pinpoint leaks accurately, remotely, rapidly—without dismantling equipment or interrupting production. Our state-of-the-art portable camera systems detect and visually document gas leaks, sometimes from a distance and often in hard-to-access areas. We identify leak sources fast, in a minimally intrusive manner.

The video to the right is a compilation of findings by our SEMPCheck field technicians: